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11 Jan 2017
Can we take the time to honor the next words/ phrases which were used at the 74th Annual Golden Globes yesterday? Ham Hocks, Migos, Bad and Bougie, Collard Greens, Smoked Turkey, and Atlanta (the city) to round it out. Somewhere in heaven, Hattie McDaniel was wiping a tear from her eye, finally comfortable to take the head scarf off. As well as, Questlove had the 1�s and 2�s going so difficult that, for the first time, I watched an award show that I personally wished I�d attended. Tracee Ellis Ross appeared as if a Black Barbie, as she sashayed onto the stage to collect her award for �Best Actress in a Comedy Series�, the first woman of color to win in over 34 years. And, with, �Moonlight� winning for �Best Drama...